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    Inflight Coat Formula was developed and recommended by top breeders and handlers to grow and maintain a thick, luscious, coat throughout the show season.

    Great for all dog breeds!

    This combination of all natural ingredients provides essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, in a granulated form, for your dog to grow and maintain a thick, natural, coat.

    INFLIGHT COAT FORMULA is also great for dogs with: dry skin, bald spots, poor coat, or to STOP SHEDDING problems.

    Just add to your dog's food daily-they love the taste!

    Whether you have a show dog or a pet, this supplement will insure your dog will look and feel it's best!

    1 lb. container

    Please e-mail me for ordering and shipping information on Inflight Coat Formula at:
    You can also see Inflight Coat Formula at my e-Bay listings under the user name:

    I accept Pay Pal for the above items. E-Mail me for details.

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